Chico River Quest Inc. invites you to head to Kalinga province,
the Home of the Mighty Chico River!

If your attitude leans toward extreme sports then this stretch of adrenaline-pumping whitewater is for you! But although it is ranked among the extreme sports, it doesnt mean you cant take the family to enjoy it and get them Wild over Water. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for adventure will be delighted by whitewater rafting. People of all ages and athletic abilities, with no previous experience raft the rivers can challenge the rapids and enjoy the wilderness fun. The Chico River is for those seeking untamed white water thrills offering potentially terrifying drops, ledges, rapids and the most exciting sightseeing trip.


The Chico River Quest offers open schedules for trips throughout the year. All trips include river shuttles, food and accommodations, Kalinga guides, fabulous scenery, exhilarating rapids, and a glimpse of Kalinga culture. Whitewater Rafting in Kalinga can be done throughout the year and is ideal, from June through early January, with other dates possible dependent on water level.

Chico River Quest Inc. is a pioneer in the country for white water rafting and kayaking having made first descents of Kalinga rivers with Tao Berman, the Guinness Book of Record holder in having kayked the highest water fall, "Chico River Quest is equipped with the latest state of the art self bailing rafts and equipments that passed US Coast Guard standards." CRQI operates in partnership with Kalinga Raft Guides Association, these enthusiast know the river well and received their training from professional whitewater guides from the USA.

The Chico River is never to be conquered but to be respected and protected.